David-Elias Rachie

Development - Minneapolis

David-Elias Rachie brings over 15 years of hospitality experience to Gatehouse Capital,including extensive hospitality real estate financing, deal structuring and acquisition. Mr. Rachie has been awarded U.S. Patents on financial interments for use in hospitality financing.He has been responsible for many hospitality developments from the Caribbean to New York City that included a $290 million redevelopment project of an iconic Times Square hotel. He has extensive experience in negotiating then executing purchase and sale agreements, securing financing, and executing development plans. Using his hospitality experience, Mr. Rachie developed an innovation for the lodging industry that turns a liability, unsold rooms, into an asset by allowing hotels to use those unsold rooms instead of cash to pay commissions; and developed a process for mid-scale hotels to be developed in a more environmentally efficient manner.

rachied@gatehousecapital.com * 651.982.4546